Podcast Appearance: Bringing Your Best Self

This post originally appears at AJi Software's Midwest Marketing Podcast.

Eric Melin, the Senior Social Media Community Manager at Callahan Creek, joins the show for one of my favorite conversations so far.  With Eric, you pretty much just need to say, “Eric, could you please start talking?” and a great conversation will begin.  The show gets going when we learn about his origins as a musician, then a film critic, and moving into marketing while always staying true to who he is.  All of these characteristics are present when you talk to Eric.  This is why I believe he is the best spokesman to cover finding your voice and personal/corporate branding.  We cover some great topics on developing your brand and how to ensure you are bringing your best self forward.  As a bonus throughout the show, Eric mentions some great social media tools.  Tools like TweetDeck and Buffer, along with his workflow and practices, help you get a feel for the level of effort a successful social media marketer goes through on a daily basis.  I know you will enjoy this show as much as I did recording it.

(Rating: PG-13 due to brief strong language)


I asked Eric how our listeners could find their voice in social media and in the communities they live in based on a recent presentation and blog post he created.  He suggests you do the following:

  • Find your Values
  • Find your Strengths
  • Find your Why