A Different (But Related) Talk: Combining Your Personal & Professional Online Brand

Here’s video of one version of this talk that I did for the Social Media Club of Kansas City.

Go to HERE to Enterprise Marketer to see the full-res version.

So … Now you have a job that requires you to use social media professionally. Up to now, however, you've only been using social media to talk politics or post snarky comments with your friends.

The questions are as old as social media itself (so, about 10 years now):

Do I need to keep my personal social media accounts private? Or do I need to separate my professional social accounts from the social accounts I use to interact with friends?

The answer to both is "no."

There are all kinds of advantages to combining your personal and professional online brand. Take it from me, a social media professional who found myself in an unusual position when it became very public that I had become, over one crazy week in Finland, the World Champion of Air Guitar.

In addition to the Creative Problem-Solving Talk and the Collaboration & Creativity Workshop I give (which both have lots of air guitar-related content in them), I also have a talk I’ve been updating every year with the changing winds of social media that’s all about that moment in everyone’s life where they have to combine their personal life with their professional life online.

This presentation walks you through the tricky ins and outs of building a professional brand that's authentic, with real, practical advice that you can apply to yourself and your business.

You'll learn:

  1. A tried-and-true method for melding business and personal content.

  2. The three kinds of content categories to think about when building a personal brand, and how to make this become second nature.

  3. How to be your best self.

This is one of my most popular and useful talks. If you’re interested in having me deliver an updated version of it for your group, hit me up on the sidebar here >>>

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