Quick-Fire Air Guitar Workshop Perfect Opening to Business Conference

It's tough to explain to people exactly what this "air guitar seminar" thing is.

Especially, you would think, at a tech/business conference in Oulu, Finland -- at 8 a.m.

Nope. Because once you SEE IT, you GET IT.

When it's this early, even when they're excited to attend the conference, attendees are -- how do you say it -- reserved.

I was scheduled for a mere 15 minutes with zero introduction and the task of getting the entire conference fired up and ready for a great day of learning and inspiration.

Air guitar, and the concepts of collaboration and creativity, have a way of cutting through all age groups, backgrounds, and even language barriers. So I'm happy to say that report that, once again, the air guitar seminar transformed the crowd.

From the BusinessOulu blog, roughly translated from Finnish:


"The day went wild when the former Eric Mean Melin, world champion of the Air Guitar, took over the audience with a quarter-hour, inclusive air guitar show. A salient crowd fell silent in Melin's quick-training session, during which the choreography was played together at the end of the program number."

Hit me up to see what how the air guitar seminar can start your conference off right, leaving your attendees refreshed, inspired, and  excited.


Achieving Airness Inspires Original Artwork

I had a great time in Omaha at both Meet the Pros and the AAF-Omaha professional event. 

One of the genuinely special things about speaking and meeting people all over the world is when somebody is inspired enough to create something original based on your concepts.

In this blog I wanted to spotlight two designers from Omaha who did just that.

Designer/illustrator Anthony Banks put old-fashioned pen to paper during my talk and came up with this amazing visualization:

Bruce Hartford from Bozell Marketing designed the poster for the nighttime event and I love the simplicity and stark beauty of his imagery:

Achieving Airness poster

Embracing Absurdity in Creative Problem-Solving Through Air Guitar

Embracing Absurdity in Creative Problem-Solving Through Air Guitar

I spoke about creative challenges at TEDxLawrence. My TEDx Talk,  “How Air Guitar Can Reveal Your Own Creative Process,” takes the creative process apart, dissecting it bit by bit to reveal the very real strategy behind what it takes to win a very unreal event—the Air Guitar World Championships.

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